Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A PPG is a volunteer group of patients who work with their GP practice to help it plan and improve its services by ensuring that the patient perspective is always represented.

What do Patient Participation Groups do?

PPG's are set up to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between practice and patient by:

  • Fostering improved communication between a practice and its patient community.
  • Helping practice and local health services (including the Clinical Commissioning Groups which replace Primary Care Trusts in 2013) to constantly improve as they respond to the health needs and priorities of the local population.
  • Assisting the practice promoting good health.

As a Patient would you like to:

  • Have a voice in supporting the development of Bigham Road Medical Centre
  • Work together with a group of actively interested patients and practice staff, to share information and ideas, and assist in shaping practice and its services for the future?
  • Contribute to the development of wider local NHS health services?
  • Join our Patient Participation Group, which meets every other month.

If you are interested in improving health services at YOUR practice, then please get in touch with us: 

Your PPG contact is Marion McGuinness Practice Manager


2019 Meeting Dates - Meetings are by-monthly


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